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High Access Cleaning in Sporting Stadiums

high access stadium cleaning

Recently CSA were engaged to prepare all show arenas for the Australian Open. The scope of these works to clean all glass within the arenas including glass above 3m in height and all inaccessible areas within the precinct. The Precinct is comprised of 7 stadiums of various size. Our service involves glass cleaning utilising Industrial Twin Rope Access Cleaning, Water Pole Cleaning, Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) and ground level cleaning. The project had many complexities, with time pressure, working around construction zones, Covid-19 staffing issues and restricted working hours amongst other challenges.

Show Court 3’s (SC3) scope of the works included the cleaning of the structural beams and the commentary box cleaning approximately 4 metres above the court. The structural beams were cleaned with a water fed pole due to access restrictions and utilising of EWP’s on the courts. Load rating restrictions within these types of environments are very common and need to be taken into consideration at all times when using this equipment.

John Cain, Margaret Court and Rod Laver Arena where all cleaned with varying size EWP’s to access high level windows, obtain access over canopies and tricky corners. Issues can arise with EWP’s and sporting stadiums, load limits across the precinct caused problems where CSA had to hire in lightweight EWP’s to ensure no structural damage or any damage to playing areas.

Once the pre tournament window cleaning had been complete, CSA maintained the ground level, corporate and seating bowl windows throughout the tournament. All these works were completed out of hours which posed quality issues as the glass was being cleaned at night time. The issue around quality is without natural light it is harder to see dirt on windows, to reduce issues we ensured we provided our staff with additional lighting and had a small team working as the sun rose to polish any areas that may have quality concerns arise by the night crews.

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