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Leak Detection

Rope Access Leak Detection Service

If not identified early, water penetration can cause significant and costly damage to a building. Repairing longer term water leaks can be costly if water has been sitting inside the external frame of the building, pooling between floors, under eaves, around balconies or where flashings have worn out. Damaged caulk, silicone or waterproof membrane, as well as cracks in concrete are other potential reasons for water leaks.

Using one of CSA’s access solutions can help you get a quick result at a low-cost. Typically, Rope Access Systems save around 30% of total cost, should the contractor decide to use scaffold or similar access methodologies. On top of this you will also have the mobilisation and demobilisation to and from site, another large time consumer increasing risk and safety of residents, employees and the public.

Identification of the cause of the water ingress is the main goal here, and this can be completed quickly utilising Rope Access. Once identified, CSA can also undertake the repairs to ensure your asset remains water tight. We undertake all kinds of repairs including caulking, cladding, concrete repair, glass restoration and more.

Leak Detection