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Industrial Cleaning & Wind Turbines Maintenance

Industrial Asset Maintenance & Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance on industrial assets such as silos, structure, buildings, plant and equipment may be required for various reasons. Our team of access technicians can help facilitate a solution for your project. We could be undertaking an asset integrity survey in which a clean of the area is required first to view the area and record its condition including photographs or videos. CSA can tailor a solution for your industrial project.

Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance

We also offer an extensive wind turbines maintenance service — wind turbines, especially the rotor blades themselves, are prone to corrosion and other damage due to extreme weather conditions, lightning strikes, and the same wear and tear that any other industrial asset can fall victim to. Our high access specialists are trained to inspect, maintain and repair these systems at every level. Also offering solar panel cleaning!

Wind Turbines Maintenance Melbourne