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Rope Access Window Cleaning Melbourne

Do you manage a high rise building in Melbourne? Sick of seeing marks, scratches and stains on your glass windows? Or maybe you want to make sure the warranty on your windows is maintained? In any case, window cleaning is an important part of running a high rise building.

Think back to when your glass windows were installed. Did you — or whoever was in charge at the time — read the window warranty? On average, high exposure windows should be cleaned at least twice a year from installation date — by a qualified rope access window cleaner — to maintain the warranty. As specialised rope technicians, we at CSA have seen so many high rise buildings where windows haven’t been cleaned for over a year, and sometimes during construction the glass may have not been cleaned for 2 or 3 years!

In cases such as that, the glass may be etched, stained and in very bad condition. A standard window clean is not up to par in such cases, and we would have to undertake what industry professionals such as ourselves call a deep clean. A deep clean is a costly exercise, and should be avoided through hiring a rope access window cleaner at least twice a year.

Other Benefits of Regular Rope Access Window Cleaning

Other than the obvious aesthetic and warranty benefits, cleaning high rise windows also allows our team to become accustomed to the building and notice anything out of the ordinary. In the industry, we call this “facade reporting” and it comes at no additional cost — it is simply a byproduct of the process. Anything our team notices will be brought up to you, so you can organise to have it rectified before it becomes a major problem.

The bottom line is: if you manage a high rise building, you need to contact a rope access window cleaner on a regular basis, and the longer you leave it, the more costly it will end up being. But we’ve got your back. When you hire qualified professionals like us, you pay for quality, efficiency and honesty. We won’t sugar-coat anything or hide anything from a building manager, and we pride ourselves on quick, efficient, professional and cost-effective service.

Our onsite and in office project management systems ensure that your job is carried out quickly and efficiently by our licensed rope technicians and project managers.

Contact CSA today for an obligation-free rope access window cleaning quote. Window cleaning is a hazardous job that can be done quickly and safely with the help of a rope access technician.

Commercial buildings pose many risks for window washers. The height, the possibility of falling, and the use of harsh chemicals all make this job a high-risk one. Hire our rope technicians as a safer, more efficient way to get the windows clean.

Hire a Rope Access Window Cleaner Melbourne

Window cleaning performed by professional rope technicians uses rope and harnesses to allow the technician to work safely on the outside of the building. This method is much slower than traditional methods, but it is much safer. It also allows the technician to clean areas that are not accessible with other methods.

If you are looking for a safe, efficient way to clean your commercial windows, consider rope access window cleaning.