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Glazing & Caulking

Glazing & Caulking Inspection and Maintenance

Other faced finishes like glass must be maintained properly, and are often required to be polished after installation to maintain clear visibility and reduce wind-based particle wear over time, which can allow a frosted finish to develop.

Our team of IRATA certified glaziers can clean, polish and provide general maintenance to glass facades or, if required, replace or install new glass into both construction and maintenance projects. You may also simply require some assistance from the external side of the glass whilst your team install from the inside. CSA can provide BMU or Rope Access Technicians to work alongside your team or undertake the job from start to finish. Our professional team works safe, fast, and with the highest quality to ensure your client has the best possible outcome.

Caulking also needs to be replaced on a semi-regular basis with most common construction silicones built to last around 10 years. Our team of caulkers can utilise façade access techniques to gain access, then remove existing, clean and re-apply new caulk, leaving your asset clean and free of leaks, whilst meeting energy ratings.

Inspecting and maintaining caulking is an important task for Building Managers and owners. The main purpose of caulking, other than visually enhancing the buildings finish, provides an important seal between two areas, mainly as a water barrier, but also to reduce noise, pollution and insect penetration. Specifying the right caulking for each application is important – Acrylic, Butyl and Silicone caulk are the three main types of caulk used in commercial and residential buildings. CSA can undertake a detailed inspection and then specify the correct caulking for your property. Our experienced technicians can specify the right products and understand the importance of taking the time to properly apply the caulk in order to avoid lifting or peeling.

In some instances, mandatory peel tests are conducted on commercial and larger residential buildings in line with manufacturer’s recommendations. All our work is guaranteed providing you with peace of mind that your caulk will last for a long time.

High Rise Glazing and Caulking