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Mobile Elevated Work Platform Information and Usage

Mobile Elevated Work Platform

Where a Mobile Elevated Work Platform really comes into its own.

We are often asked to access and provide maintenance in areas like shopping centres for example, where rope access can’t be used. A Mobile Elevated Work Platform (EWP) can be used effectively in this kind of environment; many times these works will be for cleaning structural beams, replacing loose or rusty fixings or cleaning/affixing signage. A Mobile EWP offers our maintenance technicians flexibility and can assist with accessing hard to reach areas as well as a sturdy platform when works require pressure to be applied.

EWP’s allow workers to undertake tasks for longer than if working on a ladder for example; as well as this they allow a worker to gain more coverage when they’re in the basket undertaking cleaning and maintenance.

A number of our cleaning and maintenance projects require an EWP – a great example of where an EWP will be cost effective against rope access for example, is where a building has a balustrade that isn’t load bearing; in this case a mobile EWP can save against costs of having the balustrade re-engineered to allow for abseiling.

EWP’s are often the preferred choice of access when working indoors, the variety of EWP’s available now offers a less obtrusive options. For example EWP’s with diesel engines are no longer required due to the rise in electric mobile Elevated Work Platforms which cause less noise and of course less pollution.

CSA understands what it takes to get the job done. From analysing the situation, to completing the task with minimal disruption to your daily operations, we can provide a Mobile Elevated Work Platform to help you maintain your property.

Our clients sometimes need urgent maintenance after we provide inspection services, or as part of their routine maintenance operations. Contract Solutions has a full fleet of modern Mobile Elevated Work Platforms that are ready for use. Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless if you need access for maintenance or emergency service. The best way to enquire about utilising our services where Mobile Elevated Work Platforms will be suitable, is by contacting CSA via our Contact Form.

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