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Why regular high rise window cleaning is critical

Do you want your windows looking nice and shiny, with no marks, scratches, or stains?! Then it is simple, you must regularly maintain your glass windows! Apart from the obvious aesthetics, there are many other valid reasons for having high rise windows cleaned regularly.

Window Warranty

All glass windows come with a warranty when installed. This is not only for functionality of double-glazed glass units, but also from staining and scratching – but – how many building managers, OC’s, FM’s read their warranties? On average high exposure windows should be cleaned at least twice a year from installation date to maintain the windows warranty. We at CSA are high rise window cleaning Melbourne specialists; You would be amazed how many buildings we attend where windows haven’t been cleaned for over a year and sometimes during construction the glass may have not been cleaned for 2 or 3 years! In these cases, the glass may be etched, stained and in very bad condition. To rectify this a simple clean of the glass will not work. You will have to undertake what the industry refers to as a deep clean. This means polishing the glass much like the paint on a car. This will remove the stains that are etched into the glass panel and leave your view to the outside world crisp and uninterrupted. This is however a timely process, so it is best to maintain your glass windows regularly.

Facade Reporting from the rope access window cleaning process

While cleaning glass, another real positive is the ability to see issues and raise them before they become a major problem. Having regular high rise window cleaning allows a cleaning technician to become accustomed to the building and identify anything out of the ordinary with the windows. This could be a missing piece of trim that has become dislodged, some seals that have fallen out, or birds may have eaten into the staining of the glass.

Window Aesthetics

Of course one of the main reasons for window cleaning is to make them look good! Over the past 18 months, rope access window cleaning has been postponed or cancelled on many buildings. As you move around Melbourne you may notice many buildings are very dirty, it really is an eye sore and something that over the next few months can be rectified and we can have Melbourne shining again!

The price of high rise window cleaning Melbourne

The bottom line – having regular cleaning practices will ensure that your ongoing maintenance costs stay down. Twice yearly cleaning will ensure good window condition, a steady cost and keeps a building manager on top of their facade. If windows aren’t regularly cleaned costs can escalate when you finally get around to calling rope access window cleaning specialists. For example, we have been asked in the past by a number of building managers who haven’t maintained windows for over 12 months to give them an estimate on their window cleaning. On average the price has doubled due to the amount of dirt build up on the windows, and the likelihood of the glass being stained has also increased dramatically.


It is important to engage a company who has the technical expertise, as well as the appropriate licensing, to undertake rope access window cleaning. Contract Solutions Australia has been working with building and facilities managers for many years, and can schedule an ongoing program for you to ensure your high rise windows are always looking their best.


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