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Rope Access Painters – What You Need to Know

Rope Access Painters

Are Rope Access Painters the Answer?

When a building is being constructed you will usually paint high rise external walls with one of the following methods – a crane box, scaffold, an EWP or rope access.

All of these access methods are viable options to complete a painting project, but what about once the building is complete and you need to repaint the building in a few years time? Are rope access painters the way to go for this type of maintenance? Here are some of the reasons rope approach should be considered.

Time – A question raised in any project, ‘how long do you think this will take?’ With a Rope approach a project’s duration can really be reduced. If for example a wall is to be painted, with a scaffold there is the time taken to install and remove the scaffold as well as paint the wall. If the wall is to be painted using an EWP, how many EWP’s may be needed to complete the wall in the time it takes for a number of rope technicians to paint the wall? 2? 3?
This is where rope ingress can really come into its own, installation of anchor points is quicker than installing a scaffold, and an access team can be as small or large as required to pain the wall as quickly as possible.

Cost – With reduced labour time comes a reduction in cost. We find that a roof safety system is cheaper than using a scaffold, most buildings will have a roof safety system already installed thus saving on costs associated with scaffolding or EWP. On average rope access can be a saving of around 30% on scaffolding costs. Rope ingress can also save on council permit costs which can often escalate much more than you might think.

Coverage – There are certainly areas an EWP can’t access where a high access technician can. There could be a tight laneway, overhead powerlines or the upper reaches are simply too high for an EWP to access. Abseiling access comes from the top down allowing all areas of a building to be accessed.

If you are unsure whether rope painters are the answer for your building contact Contract Solutions Australia today. Our IRATA certified technicians ensure your work is performed safely and professionally.

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