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The Advantages of Using Rope Access

Advantages of Rope Access

There are many advantages to using Rope Access

Today we are going to go through a few points that make Rope Access a more viable option for many maintenance jobs and projects.

Rope access is less obtrusive and cheaper when you factor in costs that may come with hiring an Elevating Work Platform (EWP) or scaffolding. When hiring an EWP there may also be secondary costs associated like council permits, 3rd party traffic management, roadway closure permits, infrastructure permits, traffic management plans and the like. Scaffolding involves the mobilisation of the scaffold to and from site, the workforce to install and remove the scaffold in a safe and manageable way, and could also be subject to traffic management plans, closure permits and the like. Not only does the use of EWP and Scaffold increase costs but also increases the risk due to the number of tasks to get access to the area required, the quantity of man hours to assemble and disassemble, along with the additional time to complete the maintenance or remedial work at hand.

As an example, should you require access to an area on the side of a structure (approx. 6 metres up, the task will take 2 days to complete), the area is inaccessible by EWP; Your options are Scaffold or Rope Access. If you were to undertake the scaffold methodology, you will have to take into consideration the following: Transportation of scaffold to site, Assembly of scaffold, attachment of scaffold to structure, OHS risk during installation, completion of task, disassembly of scaffold, patching of scaffold points into structure. If you were to use Rope Access for the same task, the time saved in the transportation, assembly and disassembly alone will put you at a huge advantage. Please also take into consideration, Rope approach may not be applicable to every job, but surely it is worth the time to consider all your options, and your time and cost savings. CSA would need to undertake a thorough site inspection to ensure the appropriate solution can be catered for your job. With Rope Access, every job is different and requires a detailed scope, methodology and application.

There are many tasks that can be undertaken with rope access. Painting, concrete remediation, carbon fibre reinforcement, caulking, glazing/reglazing, inspections and reporting of varying degrees, Non-Destructive Testing, reporting etc. Rope Access is used across a vast number of sectors, from construction, wind turbines to oil & gas. Rope Access can allow for a myriad of access methods from all angles – quite literally. It is quite impressive the areas you can reach utilising industrial twin rope access.

Another huge topic of conversation right now is how environmentally friendly can a project be? Using rope access is very environmentally friendly when comparing other methods such as BMU’s or EWP’s that use electricity or petrol. We at CSA also recycle any waste materials and any rope not fit for purpose. We are constantly striving for a greener future and hope to reduce our carbon footprint in the future and aim for net zero.

These are just a few benefits that CSA provides with our licensed rope technicians and rope access maintenance – please Contact Us to discuss how we can help you.

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