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Case Studies

Special Finish Coating to Facade

facade finish coating

Our client came to us as the supplier of a special finish façade (copper in this instance) and required for an application of an oxidising agent to complete the job. Given there was no area around the building to place an EWP or truck mounted platform, the decision was made to complete the job via Rope Access. Initial assessment of the rooftop to ensure structural integrity for the access system to be installed into, which allowed our Rope Techs to access the façade.

Once the safety system was installed and tested for compliance, our techs were given the brief of the products in question, how to use them and what the result should look like. We applied the first round of coatings to the façade and returned a few weeks later to complete the second coat.

Project timeframe: 3 weeks
Access method: Installation of Access System and Rope Access