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Facade Remediation

Facade Remediation

Our client approached us with an issue where the architectural highlights of the building had started to delaminate from the structure and in some parts had dropped around 200mm.

Upon investigation, it was found that improper support had been used in the original build and after 15 years the improper fixings had begun to fail. The façade highlights were water logged, and posed a potential risk for balcony areas and residents below.

CSA assessed the risk, decided to install scaffold in the immediate area and remove the highlights. Building Management did not want to replace the items and instead decided to blend in to the structure. CSA’s scope of works were as follows:

  • Provide a safe work place and ensure safe ingress and egress to the area was maintained at all time for workers
  • Ensure the safety of residents and balcony areas below the work zone
  • Remove the problematic items in smaller manageable sizes
  • Fill original fixings and prepare surface for new render
  • Render the area and paint as required
  • Remove scaffold, patch and paint

Project timeframe: 4 weeks
Access method: Rope Access for initial investigation, Scaffold for project